• 1970

    Wesley United Methodist Church provided recreation activities for adults with disabilities every Sunday afternoon

  • 1972

    St. Marys Catholic Church took over the program and named it S.M.I.L.E. (St Mary's is Love Exceptional)

  • 1974

    S.M.I.L.E. and the YMCA's Arch program merged to become the LISTEN Center

  • 1975

    LISTEN moved to its first location at 5th Ave N.

  • 1979

    LISTEN Center was rebuilt due to flood and catastrophic fire. When reopened, LISTEN programs soon split into a Senior Services program and a Day Activity program for youth and moved to separate locations

  • 1981

    Gaming began operations at the HUB Bar

  • 1984

    LISTEN Center moved to 624 N. Washington St., then acquired lots and an adjacent house, and offered the facility and programs to the general public

  • 1992

    LISTEN's Drop-In Center opened

  • 2000

    LISTEN Center moved to 24th Street to house both Senior Services program and a Day Activity program for youth

  • 2002

    Self-advocacy solutions, including training and independence for people with intellectual disabilities, added

  • 2019

    LISTEN was approved and began providing residential and family support services, along with adding pre- vocational to the Day Services program

  • 2022

    LISTEN Center opens new facility

  • 2023

    Marks 1 year in the new LISTEN facility